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Hellsing Femme Slash
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When it comes to finding a manga series possessed of fun and amazing female characters, you'd be hard pressed to beat Hellsing.

And, so we gather here at the Hellsing Femme Slash Community to celebrate their greatness by sharing fics and fanart of them doing naughty, naughty things to eachother.


I hardly think these will be necessary, so let's keep it simple:

1. No character bashing. Yes, even Alucard.

2. Intelligent debate over differing POVs and issues is allowed, but keep it clean.

3. No whining. Yes, there's not much in the way of sapphic action in the realm of Hellsing fanworks, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Quality over quantity.

And, if you do feel that the pairing that really turns your crank is criminally absent, be proactive about it. Start a fic challenge, etc.

4. Don't feed the trolls.